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A zebra has stripes, no matter how much he longs for the spots of the leopard, he has stripes. Embracing ones stripes takes courage. Knowing where to find the resources of a leopard is survival. Glad to know you #20.

~Michael Smith, Coach and colleague :)


#Zebra truck! And live zebras! Must drive that car. By the way, zebra is pronounced zeb-ruh. In case you were wondering. Ha. Ask and I’ll tell. (Taken with Instagram at Six Flags Wild Safari)

#Zebra #nails!!! Yup, I “Did It On ‘Em” good! I love the range and names of the colors I got in my #OPI #NickiMinaj minis. This green is by far my favorite already! It also came with Fly (turquoise), Pink Friday, and Metallic 4 Life (silver and blue glitter). Add some black and silver Kiss Nail Art Paint and you can get the zebra look too! (Taken with instagram)

Pre-race jitters in our epic neon green zebra shirts.