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Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.

Chronicling my #PR, but also my first ever shiny silver thermal blanket!! I am now officially—a #runner. #winningatlife #success

My first pumpkin carving since childhood—and I’d say it was a #success. Tigers are my favorite animal! Hours of quality time spent with my dad in his workshop today too, and I wouldn’t have my Sunday any other way. :)

Vintage skeleton key success!! (The Eclectic Eye in Warwick, NY) (Taken with Instagram)

Happy 24th Birthday to me! Make a wish…#pyro. Note to self: You actually blew out all of your candles in one breath this year!!! #birthday #success (Taken with Instagram)

I’m a baller. #success (Taken with instagram)

A home-made version of Entenmann’s Crumb Cake. Pretty crumby—and darn close to that packaged goodness. :) Here’s the recipe. #baking #success (Taken with Instagram at Krystina’s Kitchen)

It’s not the size of our success that defines our worth. It’s our character.
Mike Colaw