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When mom first started making cornbread, she followed Betty Crocker’s recipe to a “t.” (I really still don’t get that expression). But then, as she continued to go back to her beloved cookbook—I’m talkin’, the original, so old it had to be hole-punched and transferred to a 3-inch D-Ring binder Betty—she realized it could be better. That she could make it better. And she did. #KitchenKudos

Best part about her committed culinary endeavors? The new version of Betty Crocker’s cookbook made the exact same modifications to the cornbread recipe, as founded by my mom!

To this day, it is believed that Betty and her publishers changed the recipe in the cookbook after (and because of) my ingenious mother, Ang.

Just go with it.


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 1/4 cup yellow corn meal*, not level
  • 1/2 cup sugar, not level
  • 4 tsp. baking powder, not level
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil (Canola)
  • 1 egg


  1. Heat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Grease a 9x9 square pan with butter.
  3. Blend all ingredients for 20 seconds. Beat vigorously for 1 minute. (You can also hand mix the batter).
  4. Pour into greased pan and bake for 20-25 minutes—until toothpick comes out clean and cornbread is golden brown.

Indian Head Stone Ground Yellow Corn Meal

*We’ve always used Quaker’s corn meal, since we’re brand loyal to their oats. Until we recently discovered that the Indian Head brand yields an even moister corn bread! Highly recommend you use it! This product is a taste and texture game-changer. It will make you say, ”I think I’ll have a second piece!”

And if you’re not saying it, that’s ok. You’ve already made the mental move.

Alright let’s just be honest, I hope your second piece was even better than the first. No need to question it. :)

  • Me: "Mom, maybe we should get some chickens in the have fresh eggs."
  • Mom: (Repulsive, silent glare)
  • Me: "Do I just need a female, or do I need a male and a female?"
  • Mom: "I don't know what you need, Krystina. I'm not in to chicken farming. I'd faster get a dog before I'd have chickens."
  • Clerk: "Are you in the military?"
  • Me: (Surprised) "Umm, no. Why? Do I look like I am??"
  • Clerk: "Well if you were, I could give you a discount."
  • Me: "Well I CAN be in the military if I get a discount. Or, I have my college ID. Does that count?"
  • Clerk: "You're in the military. I'll give you the discount."
  • Me: "Dad, you just don't have a complex enough palette to really appreciate the way I season my cooking. And how could you say you're a 'purist' when it comes to flavor, when you mask naturally good flavor with condiments? Your idea of tunafish is mayonnaise with a little bit of tuna. Or gravy smothered on turkey, ketchup on eggs..."
  • Dad: "Ok, you're right. I like more 'mucky.' But turkey is dry, and I like a lot of ketchup. I can see it on my gravestone now, 'Complex man, with a non-complex palette...'"
  • Me: "Never found 'umami'..."
  • Dad: "Only"
  • Me: (Laughing) "That was great."
  • Dad: "I just burped...and a bit of the lamb shank came up."
  • Me: "That's repulsive. Ew. Seriously, don't ever tell me that again."
  • Dad: "Just enough for me to taste it."
  • Me: "Dad!! The fact that you had to clarify that is disgusting."
  • Dad: "At least I don't talk about my VAGINA!"
  • Me: (Hysterical laughing). "Can I blog that?"
  • Dad: "No. But you'll tell all your friends anyway."
  • Grandma: "Oh Krystina, lots of times I fall asleep with the TV on. And when I wake up, there's something sexy on. These two people, fully naked. I'm saying what the heck is this, and I'm watching it."
  • Me: (literally cannot stop laughing)
  • Grandma: "You know, when I lived on Odell, my neighbor used to tell me what the channels were. If you hit two buttons at one time on the remote, you'd get the station. I don't remember which ones...but it worked."
  • Me and Grandma: (both now hysterically laughing)
  • Me: "Oh look, there's an H+M here!"
  • Elise: "Where?!"
  • Me: "Right by our hotel. But it's Sunday, so I think it's clothes-ed."
  • Elise: (laughing) "Ha, that was a good one."
  • Me: "I have to say--it really was."

Big Spoon, Little SpoonAfter reading my former roomie, and ICFH teammate, Meg’s guest post on Brownie’s blog, I was a combination of jealous, inspired and nostalgic. Jealous because I now want guest bloggers of my own, but more so inspired by the idea of having a friend speak for you–not necessarily about you, but for you, and about shared interests. Everyone has such a unique voice; it’s incredible the way a story can translate so differently for each person who tells it, and mean something so different to each one who hears it. And today my hope is that as you read this post, you find your own unique meaning in my message. [CONTINUE READING]

  • Mom: "I'm going to go to the bathroom."
  • Me: "Ok. Why do you have to announce everything that you do?"
  • Mom: "I'll bring you a towel when I come back out."
  • Sigh.
  • I love joking with my grandma about her meds. I think she thought I was being serious. I love her so much.
  • Me: "Is there grapefruit in this punch? I can't have it if it does--because of the Coumadin."
  • Grandma: (alarmed) "YOU TOO???"
  • Me: "Grandma, I've been on Coumadin since birth."
  • Grandma: "I hate it. It's so stupid."
  • Me: "It's the worst, isn't it?!"