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I’m pretty sure yesterday’s #run is the fastest I’ve ever paced that distance. So proud of my #MondayMiles. Bring it on Kentucky half!! I’m ready to PR. :D (Taken with Instagram)

12 #MondayMiles at a 9:06/mi #pace. Oh hey Long Island #halfmarathon here I come #running!! :) Can I get a virtual hug right now?! But seriously. #MondayMood: #accomplished, #proud, and ready to #race. (Taken with instagram)

11 #MondayMiles at a 9:08/mi #pace? Um hello four days of rest, thank you for giving me new #life today! Next step, curing Chondromalacia patella on the right and a loose PCL on the left knee. Aside from said obscure #running injuries, Long Island Half Marathon next weekend, you tastefully tempt me… (Taken with instagram)

And so the illusive “this Sunday” has finally come. Tomorrow I will be running my first, spontaneous 10K! Spontaneous because a few days ago, I decided that while I’m running in my prime—ironically, I say prime in spite of my knee issues—I needed to run a race. STAT. Moreover, a chipped race, to have an official time on record. A time to chronicle the regained sense of joy I feel when I run, sans debilitating calf pain and shin splints. For some reason, I’m running so consistently as far as pace goes, that I feel like my Garmin is broken, or at least lying to me more and more with every step I take. Hopefully this race will prove to me that it is not. That’s TBD tomorrow, I guess…c’mon Garmin, don’t fail me now…

Yikes. I won’t lie. I am super nervous. Anxious. Excited. Determined. Ready. Not ready. But really…I am ready. I’ve set my 6.2 mile goal at 55 minutes or less. Under an hour is an absolute must but I would be elated to achieve my goal—and eager to share that time with others who ask me how the race went. That time would average out to be a little under 9 minutes/mile. I would be golden with that pace. I would be happy with that pace. Overjoyed. Accomplished. So wish me luck. It’s off to Kingston I go in the a.m. for what I pray will be a memorable and momentous 10K race day!! :)