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Krystina - Atlantic City Half MarathonMy favoritest favorite thing about spring,
Is what the start of the season guarantees to bring.

When the winter chills,
Turn into warm spring thrills,
And the beaming bright sun,
Says it’s time to run!

Hit the streets,
Let your feet grace the road,
Turn up the (Josh) Turner,
Embrace the “Just Do It” mode.

Focus your breathing,
Feel your heart beat,
It’s you and the road,
The road’s yours to defeat.

The breeze keeps you going,
Push yourself to the limit,
Push yourself through the heat.

You’ve made it this far,
Pushed it out every mile,
Your feat is the journey,
And one that’s worthwhile.

Focus your breathing,
Feel your heart beat,
The road is your battle,
Your battle to defeat.

Destination ahead,
Victory in sight,
Run til the end,
This is your fight.

My 1/2 Marathon Mantra. #Nike (Taken with instagram)