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Freeze frame! Check me out at 19 seconds!! Grey shirt, neon yellow Nike hat, #1102.

This is the start of the Iron Horse Half Marathon in Midway, KY on Sunday, October 14, 2012—a beautiful race among rolling hills and horse country. It was the horses cantering freely alongside one another that kept me smiling for 13.1 miles. They ran gracefully throughout the wide open acres of land, and among the classic white fences, painting a beautiful autumn landscape. Top that scene with vibrantly colored leaves falling here and there, and a subtle breeze to fill the air…can you picture it?

Simply said: “it’s a perfect day" for a race.

Running a half marathon through the Swiss Alps, reaching a max elevation of 5,351ft.? Sounds like a cake-walk! #JustKidding. I’m nervous as anything. Already registered. No turning back now. Watch out, Switzerland. I’m doin’ me in Davos at the 2012 Swiss Alpine K21. My first international race!!! And so happy my Jello Friello is doing it with me! :) #30JaysOfJune #photoaday #challenge #Day7 (Taken with Instagram)

P.S. Coincidentally, this picture was taken at 11:11pm. Make a wish? Don’t tell! Good luck?

Typical post-race gear collage. May 6, 2012: my second #halfmarathon, but more importantly, a #PR!!! We ain’t talkin’ public relations. (Taken with instagram)

Happy finishers…and #besties. :)

I’m not throwin’ deuces up just because. This is to commemorate the completion of #halfmarathon number two!! :) #happy #proud #accomplished (Taken with instagram)

Pre-race parking lot shot! #gearedup (Taken with Instagram at Nassau Community College)

OWN THE ROAD. Long Island #halfmarathon #mantra. Nothing beats a #neon yellow #running shirt. Let’s do this, Allie!! (Taken with instagram)

The days and weeks leading up to a race—injuries, anxiety, worries, nerves and duration of training aside—I always say to myself, “Why do I put myself through this misery? I’ll never do this again.” And yet here I am, registered for my second half marathon. And my first of 2012!

There’s a rush you get from a race. It’s indescribable. The adrenaline, the determination, the drive to finish. The emotional, all-consuming feeling of accomplishment that spreads from head to toe when you cross the finish line at top speed. Your goal, once an illusive thought and unrealistic expectation, now in plain sight. So real. So reachable.

And in this moment. When the goal you’ve trained for lies directly ahead…it’s only you that matters. You are in control. You’re doing this for you and you alone. Nothing else matters…in this moment.

Family, friends, fans and fellow runners seamlessly slip into the background. And get lost in it. Every face and shape in the crowd turns a translucent blur, as your eyes focus solely on the destination ahead.

Goals will be reached.

Records broken.

Hope restored.

Passion renewed.

Motivation rediscovered.

The finish line is in sight.

You will reach your goal.

So go on.


You’ve earned it.

And remember…

If you have your mind set on a goal, you can, and you will, achieve it.

Krystina - Atlantic City Half MarathonMy favoritest favorite thing about spring,
Is what the start of the season guarantees to bring.

When the winter chills,
Turn into warm spring thrills,
And the beaming bright sun,
Says it’s time to run!

Hit the streets,
Let your feet grace the road,
Turn up the (Josh) Turner,
Embrace the “Just Do It” mode.

Focus your breathing,
Feel your heart beat,
It’s you and the road,
The road’s yours to defeat.

The breeze keeps you going,
Push yourself to the limit,
Push yourself through the heat.

You’ve made it this far,
Pushed it out every mile,
Your feat is the journey,
And one that’s worthwhile.

Focus your breathing,
Feel your heart beat,
The road is your battle,
Your battle to defeat.

Destination ahead,
Victory in sight,
Run til the end,
This is your fight.

One of my greatest accomplishments of 2011. #halfmarathon #AtlanticCity