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  • So, the other day, I took my Grandma to the A&P to do a little grocery shopping, since the weather forecast for today was a bit yucky. I called her and she was excited to go and buy some fresh fruits--though the selection was quite limited at 7pm...but that's not this story. THIS story is classic Grandma, and one of the many reasons why I love my 4ft Italian so much. Let's paint the scene...
  • I drive over to her house and parked in front of her garage, as usual. For Christmas, our families chipped in and bought her a garage door opener for several reasons. We didn't want to get her little random gifts that she wouldn't use, figured this was more practical than her current, manual garage door, and most of all, it was safer (especially in the winter) to walk downstairs inside than outside, where there could be ice and snow. Needless to say, we had it installed, and let her open her garage with it for the first time on Christmas morning. That's a funny story too, but again, that's not THIS story.
  • Once I arrive, I see her standing outside by the garage door; she pulls out her reading glasses to type in the code, presses enter, and closes the garage. Success. As soon as we get in the car, here is the conversation...
  • Me: Hey Grandma! So, how do you like that new garage door opener?
  • Grandma: Well, it's only the second or third time I've used it since yooz* bought it for me. Krystina, it was the funniest thing today...almost like a fun game, but I just couldn't win! (starts to laugh)
  • Me: What do you mean?? What happened?
  • Grandma: Well, earlier today, I was in the garage--by the door to my basement, where I can open/close the garage from inside. And I pressed the button, and was trying to get outside of the garage before it shut. But I couldn't make it! (laughing) Two, three times I tried! I'd press the button and run across the garage, but by the time I got to it and tried to go under, it would go crazy! The lights were all flashing, and it would go up-and-down up-and-down! (throws her hands up in the air, imitating the garage door opening/closing)
  • Me: Hahaha. WAIT, why were you using the inside button? You have to close it from the outside when you're leaving because it senses movement.
  • Grandma: I didn't know that, 'cause I've only used it a few times. Krystina, you should have seen it--it was going crazy, the lights were flashing everywhere. I didn't know what to do. Finally I realized I'd never make it out if I had to start at my basement I got the longest broom I could find. I'd reach out the broom with one arm, press the button with the end of the broom handle, drop it on the ground, and run out. But I still couldn't make it! (laughing)
  • Me: HAHA, oh my gosh Grandma. That is too funny. I wish I could have seen you trying to do that...especially with the broom. Well do you get now that you can't press the button on the INSIDE to get to the OUTSIDE? That's what the sensors are designed's a safety feature.
  • Grandma: Yea, now I realize...
  • Me: How'd you figure that out?
  • Grandma: Concetta (her daughter, my aunt) told me, earlier. She said, 'Ma, you gotta stand on the OUTSIDE, type in the code, and THEN press enter to close the garage when you're leaving the house.'
  • Me: Haha, yea, that's how it works...but the broom was a pretty clever idea.
  • Grandma: (Laughs) Yea I thought it might work. But at least now I know the right way to do it.
  • *Yooz - Plural of "you"; equivalent of "you guys" or "ya'll"