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#Froyo pose yo. (at 16 Handles)

OMG SURPRISE #FROYO #PIE! From Kathy, Kim and Twist! :) Cake batter froyo with cookie dough, pound cake, PB, and whip; pistachio froyo with brownie, chocolate sprinkles, and whip; both with graham cracker crust! #hbd #dessert #sweettreat

#Solo #froyo. Absolutely #nofilter. Cake batter and peanut butter, with cookie dough chunks, rainbow sprinkles and a few pieces of Reese’s. The perfect sweet treat for my weekly, guilt-free dessert splurge. (Taken with Instagram)

Me and @krbrown4 are going strong on the #50daychallenge. Even when they upgrade the #froyo machine in my cafeteria at work, brand it with Wicked Spoon’s vibrant, eye-catching colors, and offer an enticing new variety of flavors and toppings. (I’m thankful that cookie dough is not an option). You will not get the best of me you low cal but 18g of sugar per serving Willy Wonka machine. At least not today. ;) (Taken with instagram)

On a #froyo kick. Best of all, this shop’s local! Can you guess my usual? (Taken with Instagram at Twist Frozen Yogurt & Sweet Shop)

Cake batter #froyo with rainbow sprinkles! At the #1 Zagat Rated Red Mango, might I add. Absolutely #delicious, and low cal! (Taken with Instagram at Red Mango)

I have reached my destination: Yogurt Patch. Best cake batter fro-yo ever! I love “the Patch.” A perfect way to end a wedding night #forsure—with @brookeariel too! :) (Taken with Instagram at Yogurt Patch)