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All of today’s farmer’s market fresh creations! Minus the baked Sea Bass, which is from our butcher. Oh how I loveeee #LifeWithAng. :) #itswhatsfordinner #seabass #protein #fish #SweetDumpling #squash #brusselsprouts #eggplant #stringbeans #eatclean #vegetables #nofilter

Now THAT’S a #sear!!! Grease e’rywhere, chef don’t care. :P #succulent #salmon #salmonskin #crispy #fish #chefkrystinalynne #protein #dinnertime

Back to basics with some real #cleaneats for #dinner! #Basa #fillet, rubbed with #EVOO, #Italian seasonings, and fresh herbs from our garden. Sautéed #kale and baby #spinach with #homemade #pastasauce. Both cooked in separate pans on the stove with two magical ingredients: EVOO and sweet vidalia onion slices. #dinnertime #protein #fish #vegetables #eatclean #gogreen #healthy #chefkrystinalynne #nofilter

Finally rockin’ my new #Patagonia #fish #camo #hat today! I love this #brand, but it’s also commemorative of my trip to #Argentina in 2013. Check out the black in the #trout #logo. That’s #FitzRoy—and I hiked it!!! :) #travel #hiking #adventure #yolo #memory #hatday

Healthy, homemade refuel after this morning’s nostalgic 17 mile run. Crisply seared teriyaki salmon with brown rice; sautéed garlic snoodles; maple brown sugar roasted butternut squash smash; and Italian seasoned baked eggplant. #eatclean #run #running #healthy #foodie #refuel #protein #fish #salmon #teriyaki #squash #eggplant #butternutsquash #healthyliving #getinmybelly

Krystina’s Catch of the Cape! Pan seared #SeaBass over #spicy #Asian sesame #bokchoy, with oven-roasted #coriander #cauliflower. (Cauli is also seasoned with many other #Indian-inspired spices). #catchoftheday #capecod #fish #vegetarian #hookandcook #chefkrystinalynne #eatclean #instafood

LOOK!! I hooked AND cooked it!! What we have here is a freshly filleted sea bass; rubbed with sesame oil, garlic powder, salt, crushed black pepper, wasabi powder, fresh grated ginger, dry mustard, and Simply Asia sweet ginger garlic seasoning; pan seared in sesame oil, scallions, and fresh crushed garlic; topped with toasted sesame seeds to balance each bite with a nutty crunch. #catchoftheday #fisherwoman #fishing #seabass #recipe #Asian #fish #fresh #fillet #hookandcook #ChefKrystinaLynne #cooking #vegetarian #protein #eatclean

I am a huge fan of Cuisine magazine. I honestly haven’t made one recipe that I didn’t like! Whatever they’re doing over there in that test kitchen—it’s working.

Among the mountain of accumulated cooking and baking magazines piled high in our pantry, I came across a really great issue of Cuisine. It contains a series of easy, classic marinades, each with a flavor profile from a different origin. If you saw my Asian Salad Dressing post from yesterday, you’ve probably guessed that another Asian something-or-other is about to be posted. You got that right!

While a part of me wants to go downstairs, find the magazine and post the recipe verbatim, I’m going to resist the late-night scavenger hunt and instead give you my variation. (I’ll have to check and see if I sway far from the original, and if so, I’ll get the original up on the blog soon so you can at least have a reference point for my inspiration).

I call it Tablespoon Tuna! Because when mom surprises me with a fresh, sushi-grade tuna steak from our butcher after church, this is my go-to marinade. I haven’t found anything that tops it for a tuna steak. What I can say from experience, is that dry rubs on tuna steaks really do NOT work. I would advise against it. When it comes to tuna steaks, go liquid or go home. Or go to your trash can, where you can throw your tuna and your money. Leverage liquid! Just take my word for it.

Also, while the recipe title is quite catchy, it is also quite conveniently named. Because every ingredient (except the oil—sigh) is pretty much a 1 tbsp. measurement. (You’re welcome).

Ingredients (for one medium to large tuna steak)

  • 1 tbsp. low sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tsp. sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp. rice vinegar (seasoned)
  • 1 tbsp. dark brown sugar, packed
  • 1 tbsp. grated fresh ginger (grate over a small pyrex bowl so you don’t lose all of the tasty juices from the fresh root!)
  • 1 tbsp. scallions, chopped
  • 1 tbsp. black/white sesame seeds, toasted
  • Seasonings (to taste): Crushed black pepper, and a sprinkle of cayenne and red pepper flakes.


  1. Whisk the soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, dark brown sugar, ginger, scallions and seasonings in a bowl until well mixed. (If you feel like you need more liquid for your marinade, try adding another scant tablespoon of rice vinegar).
  2. Put the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan on low heat; toast a few minutes, until aromatic or light brown in color. Add seeds to bowl and whisk all ingredients.
  3. If desired, reserve 1-2 tablespoons of the marinade as a cold dipping sauce. To avoid contamination, reserve first, then use the rest to marinate the fish.
  4. Delicately puncture the tuna steak on both sides with a large fork. Put tuna steak and marinade in a ziplock bag; work the marinade into the tuna until well coated. Let marinate for 10-20 minutes, or up to a day before cooking.

The pictures below are from an experimental cajun dry rub. But still. The griddlemarks and pink center are flawless. And with the Tablespoon Tuna marinade, I can assure you, it’s that much better! Let these inspire you to dabble with the ultimate Asian marinade for tuna steaks. :)

Beautifully seared tuna steak.

Perfectly pink, warmed-through center.

This is all I have to say…
Hi there,
Can you please tell me why I found THREE BONES in my tuna today?? I bit down and almost cut my gum open on them! I thought it was the crunch of my relish condiment until I took the sharp white bone out of my mouth to examine it (see picture attached). I even tried to put another bite on my fork, only to encounter two additional bones!
Please feel free to call me to discuss. I can provide the packaging information of the product (UPC and best by date) when I get home, assuming the can from last night is still in my recycle bin…which is where all of the unopened cans may soon be too. I don’t want my family to have the same experience that I just did.
I’m really shocked and disappointed. We always buy the eight-packs of tuna cans at our local wholesale club and now I’m extremely discouraged from doing so ever again. Please advise.
Thanks for your help,

Today’s Tragic Tuna Tale…