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Talk Fusion logoI’m certainly ready to “Talk Fusion!” Check out this video and see how one product’s capabilities can shape the business environment. We are living in the digital age; therefore, we need to be aware of new technologies and understand how and when to integrate them. We can’t ignore practical solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the way we work and communicate. Change is inevitable, so let’s embrace it.

Confession AppIn “Got Sin? There’s An App For That,” Christine Slomski talks about “Confession: A Roman Catholic App,” a newly designed iPhone app for pre-confession use. Essentially, the app, which was approved by the Catholic Church, allows users to chronicle their worldly sins in exchange for an act of contrition from a virtual priest. While the app is not intended to replace the physical act of going to confession, it strives to assist Catholics with the sacrament itself. A statement from the Vatican supported this critical detail; Fr. Federico Lombardi said, “One cannot speak of a ‘confession via iPhone.’”

There are a number of Bible and rosary apps available in the iTunes App Store as well as for Android smartphone users. With nearly everyone, every company, every brand, and every product developing digital counterparts, I commend the church for doing the same. [Source: Talent Zoo]

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Kaitlin T. Gallucci discusses Apple’s growth, and the marketing strategies, campaigns, and tactics that have made it a widely recognized industry leader and top-of-mind consumer favorite.

After glancing at my “Daily Dose” e-mail from Talent Zoo to find some quick reads, I nearly stopped dead in my tracks when I came across this article title: “Putting Tweets Under the Tree This Holiday.” What an interesting concept, I thought, and sure enough I clicked the link.

The Barbarian Group created the Tweet Wrap website to promote Samsung’s “boosted” RF510 laptop; it allows users to create their own Twitter-themed wrapping paper for the holiday season. With the first 3,000 orders being free, I gave it a whirl with nothing to lose, choosing my own background pattern and personal tweet threads to customize my paper. And let’s face it. In today’s world, customization is a growing expectation among the majority, a “desired future,” and a necessary product feature or component. Frankly, as the consumer, it is all about us—and that’s understandable. “What can you do for me?” is the question we should be asking ourselves when making a purchase or using a service.

Once you receive your customized wrapping paper in the mail, the user is encouraged to wrap a gift with it; upload a picture of your Tweetwrapped gift to the Boosted Facebook Page (sponsored by Samsung and Intel) and you will be entered for a chance to win the RF510! No matter how great your chance of winning is, it’s always fun to enter a competition with the “I really think I’m gonna win this time” mindset.

I have to admit, the site was quick, fun, and easy to use. Granted, I still got suckered into paying $2.50 to rush the shipping in time for Christmas—but it’s $2.50. Even so, I enjoyed engaging in a clever branding campaign driven by social media. Because social media is the way of our generation, it is the digital age, and it is part of our today and tomorrows. The article makes a valid point, and that is this: How will you, or your company more likely, use social media to involve its customers in creative ways this season? What is your strategy to help you “hit” the digital sweet spot head-on into the new year?

The impact of social media is prevalent and profound; every day, new technology ideas are designed and discussed as frequently as their tangible counterparts are prototyped and shelved. VP-global digital at Blackberry parent Research In Motion Brian Wallace said it right:

Success is about getting likes, or shares, or comments. Or maybe the person will click on an ad or post a photo or video he or she took with a Blackberry. In the end, it’s behavior-based. A Facebook fan has no value. Getting a Facebook fan to do something does.

"Snaps" for Samsung.

As my best friend put it the other day,

"You start your ‘big girl’ life tomorrow."

Wow. Unbelievable. I’m staring at my computer screen in awe right now because I don’t even know what to say about it. It’s exciting, it’s new, it’s a first, and I’m eager to see what it’s all about. I’m starting out as a Marketing Associate and focusing on local advertising and branding. Happily I’ll admit that the job description sounds interesting…like a good match. Finally…

I know people keep saying that the job market is tough—and believe me, I wholeheartedly agree. But let me stress how different it is to be the one saying tough versus living it. Simply put, you don’t know what the economy really feels like until you’re out there on your own two feet, looking for a job yourself—or should I say, online with your own two hands. That sounds a bit more accurate for the digital age.

I think it’s in these times that we need to rely on our faith, above all else, to endure. Faith that a greater plan will carry us through the “tough” we’ve experienced or have been told about. Faith that we will never be stuck in any of our temporary uncertainties. Faith to find patience and trust, and to see the “certain” within the uncertain.

Though it may have taken a few months to get to where I am right now, I never lost hope in knowing there was a greater plan for me. Even if it meant declining several job offers along the way, why settle to be unhappy? I didn’t. So no matter what uncertainty you’re facing, I hope my story gives you hope.

And with day one of my “big” new life just hours ahead of me…I am patient, I am trusting, I am certain. Bring on these “new directions.” I have faith.