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This weekend’s #DIY from @allyou - #Decoupage an #ampersand with a map of your #favorite region. Translation: #Switzerland. #Davos #Geneva #Swissalpine #halfmarathon #SwissAlps #running #race #travel #modpodge #artsandcrafts #design

Bottle cap #tree! #art #design #abstract (at Union Station | Gate D)

#tiger #daylight #pumpkin #carve #art #design

Wall of #shoes made out of #magazines at the nail salon. #art #design (Taken with Instagram)

MetroCard with Ad SpaceThis article caught my eye—and truthfully, I have mixed feelings about M.T.A.’s decision. While I do think from a marketing perspective the ad space is quite valuable (and visible), I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the iconic yellow and blue card and M.T.A. logo. I’m not an avid subway rider by any means, but when I do need my card, I know to grab the golden yellow. Ask any local or commuter, and they’ll tell you the same. It’s brand recognition at its finest. We know the card—it’s looked that way since 1997 (The New York Times).

I’ve finally come to understand the basics of NY subway navigation. But those turnstiles still get me every so quite often. I swipe too fast, or I’m $.25 cents short when I think I have enough on my card from my last ride; they sass me to keep swiping at the same entry point or threaten that I’ll lose my money. (Scandal).

Let’s just hope MoMA doesn’t put Starry Nights on the card—for the city’s sake (and sanity). Black stripe aside, surely those tricky turnstiles don’t accept Visas!

MTA Turnstile

The new iPhone screens will measure 4 inches from corner to corner, one source said. That would represent a roughly 30 percent increase in viewing area…” And please tell me production will definitely start in August—or sooner! You know some of us 3GS users have been patiently waiting like 50 Cent to upgrade. Oh hey iPhone5, I’m ready when you are.

Well isn’t this little guy just the cutest #bunny you ever did see! I think so too. I saw a sweet tweet from #FoodNetwork with a picture and couldn’t resist! (Here’s my inspiration for the fun design). I had to switch it up from last year’s Chickadee cupcakes; they’re adorable, but I’m always looking to make and taste something new! I welcome change and dabbling in the kitchen. Experimentation is a key ingredient to learning.

He’s an almond white #cake, frosted with a cinn-illa almond buttercream; he even has a shredded coconut coat to keep him nice and warm! I can’t wait to bring him to my aunt’s house for #Easter. He’s my little Easter Bunny Cake and I love him very much. (Taken with instagram)

Feel free to ask me for the recipes I used, both adapted from Betty Crocker, of course! Like I always say, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to a “Betty.”

A personal change of typeface really said something: a creative move towards expressiveness, a liberating playfulness with words. And today we can imagine no simpler everyday artistic freedom than that pull-down font menu.
Simon Garfield, “Just My Type”

#artsy #fountain #design #love (Taken with Instagram at Crown Fountain at Chicago’s Millennium Park)

This interactive website is incredible! “If marketing leaves a bad taste in your mouth, take a bite of this: Portuguese brewery Sagres has fashioned a website entirely out of chocolate to promote its new cocoa-flavored beer” ( The aesthetic and sensory appeal, the amount of time put in by the chocolatier to design and literally mold every aspect of the site from chocolate, the quality of the photographs, and perhaps even more notably, the realistic, practically edible outcome—it’s digitally delicious! Check it out. But please, have a Hershey’s bar in reach.