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Yes but did YOU get a cool money star for your birthday? Seriously how #creative!

As a 20-something “digital native” myself, this statistic grabbed my attention. Not because I was surprised or alarmed by it, but because it caught my eye in a seeing-it-on-paper screen type of way. (Yes, I’m a millennial, so I said screen. What’s paper, anyway?)

Our generation’s attention span is admittedly a challenging one to retain. I’ll be the first to admit it. This is coming from the 20-something who watched Chopped All Stars on TV last night, while live tweeting with the judges and chefs on her iPhone and surfing the Internet on her iPad. Oh, and did I mention I may have also had my MacBook Pro on my bed next to me? Convenience, to me, literally means “all technology and iDevices at an arm’s length away.” Check Webster’s Dictionary: Millennial Edition. Wow, I should patent that brilliant idea—though I’m sure some online Urban Dictionary-like variation for Gen-Y already exists. Google it? Ha, that’s probably already listed under letter “G” verbs!

But back to Chopped, after a bit of digressing. I barely remember what they cooked. Usually I’m so focused! It’s my favorite show. How did I get so distracted? Oh, I remember. And I do have a great excuse beyond “it’s a generational thing.” I was too busy getting a REPLY from Robert Irvine to keep 100% of my focus on the screen. Absolutely legitimate excuse for distraction. In case you were keeping tabs on my celebrity replies and RTs, that’s the second time he replied to me. So now we’re pretty much besties. Or twesties? (Add it to the dictionary.)

I guess my point, like Steinberg’s article notes, is that this surge in social media, coupled with our constant access to (and demand for) news and information 24-7, challenges creative agencies, advertisers and marketing experts alike to think different. If you want to reach us successfully on the digital front, you’ll grab our attention, and keep it.

While you have it, that is.

#Zebra #nails!!! Yup, I “Did It On ‘Em” good! I love the range and names of the colors I got in my #OPI #NickiMinaj minis. This green is by far my favorite already! It also came with Fly (turquoise), Pink Friday, and Metallic 4 Life (silver and blue glitter). Add some black and silver Kiss Nail Art Paint and you can get the zebra look too! (Taken with instagram)

A personal change of typeface really said something: a creative move towards expressiveness, a liberating playfulness with words. And today we can imagine no simpler everyday artistic freedom than that pull-down font menu.
Simon Garfield, “Just My Type”

I mean, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about re-decorating my room—but nothing has inspired me to paint like this Sherwin-Williams commercial. Creative and captivating.

After glancing at my “Daily Dose” e-mail from Talent Zoo to find some quick reads, I nearly stopped dead in my tracks when I came across this article title: “Putting Tweets Under the Tree This Holiday.” What an interesting concept, I thought, and sure enough I clicked the link.

The Barbarian Group created the Tweet Wrap website to promote Samsung’s “boosted” RF510 laptop; it allows users to create their own Twitter-themed wrapping paper for the holiday season. With the first 3,000 orders being free, I gave it a whirl with nothing to lose, choosing my own background pattern and personal tweet threads to customize my paper. And let’s face it. In today’s world, customization is a growing expectation among the majority, a “desired future,” and a necessary product feature or component. Frankly, as the consumer, it is all about us—and that’s understandable. “What can you do for me?” is the question we should be asking ourselves when making a purchase or using a service.

Once you receive your customized wrapping paper in the mail, the user is encouraged to wrap a gift with it; upload a picture of your Tweetwrapped gift to the Boosted Facebook Page (sponsored by Samsung and Intel) and you will be entered for a chance to win the RF510! No matter how great your chance of winning is, it’s always fun to enter a competition with the “I really think I’m gonna win this time” mindset.

I have to admit, the site was quick, fun, and easy to use. Granted, I still got suckered into paying $2.50 to rush the shipping in time for Christmas—but it’s $2.50. Even so, I enjoyed engaging in a clever branding campaign driven by social media. Because social media is the way of our generation, it is the digital age, and it is part of our today and tomorrows. The article makes a valid point, and that is this: How will you, or your company more likely, use social media to involve its customers in creative ways this season? What is your strategy to help you “hit” the digital sweet spot head-on into the new year?

The impact of social media is prevalent and profound; every day, new technology ideas are designed and discussed as frequently as their tangible counterparts are prototyped and shelved. VP-global digital at Blackberry parent Research In Motion Brian Wallace said it right:

Success is about getting likes, or shares, or comments. Or maybe the person will click on an ad or post a photo or video he or she took with a Blackberry. In the end, it’s behavior-based. A Facebook fan has no value. Getting a Facebook fan to do something does.

"Snaps" for Samsung.

Failure is more than an option for advertising—it’s a necessity. Failing means we’re taking chances, trying new things, pushing to find new ways to engage consumers for our clients. Failing takes courage.

It’s the ‘fear of failing’ that cripples us—that makes us play it safe. Fear makes the work predictable and unsuccessful.

Fear is the death of creative. It’s the great crippler of new and innovative ideas. It’s the stealer of pioneering souls and the silencer of the unfamiliar. Predictable work doesn’t happen by accident, it is premeditated.

Derek Walker, Advertising Age: Opinion. November 1, 2010.