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Yesterday, I broke out my neon green Aladdin spoon, circa a Fruit Loops box from the 90s. While it didn’t change color from the temperature of my hot oatmeal, or a quick rinse under cold water—akin to milk in my cereal bowl—, it nevertheless remained a magical moment. (Stupid Disney. Even as a 20-something your brand continues to enthrall me.)

I wonder where my purple Abu spoon went! But I digress…

And then I got to thinking, after an early morning phone chat with my bestie: what the heck ever happened to awesome free prizes in cereal boxes? Now it takes like 500 UPCs to get anything decent.

It’s so easy to dwell on the wondrous memories of the 90s. And miss the simple joys of such an iconic decade of my life. #caseandpoint

If only I respected those days like I do now.

For the record, I’ll never take an All That or Kenan & Kel re-run for granted. I respect those shows tremendously. Orange Soda, Ross Perot, Vital Information for Your Every-Day Life…the list goes on and on. Ah, good times.

However, I will forever struggle to respect the incompetence of every child who failed to put together the Shrine of the Silver Monkey—making it look more difficult than an infinite long division equation on a never-ending chalkboard. But seriously, three pieces? Pull yourself together, child. It’s no wonder you never made it out of the Temple…

Me and @krbrown4 are going strong on the #50daychallenge. Even when they upgrade the #froyo machine in my cafeteria at work, brand it with Wicked Spoon’s vibrant, eye-catching colors, and offer an enticing new variety of flavors and toppings. (I’m thankful that cookie dough is not an option). You will not get the best of me you low cal but 18g of sugar per serving Willy Wonka machine. At least not today. ;) (Taken with instagram)

I’m all about things that change color! #waitforit (Taken with Instagram at Buckingham Fountain, Chicago)

What is this crazy vortex?! #enamoredbyit (Taken with Instagram at Chicago O’Hare Airport)

I mean, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about re-decorating my room—but nothing has inspired me to paint like this Sherwin-Williams commercial. Creative and captivating.

colorful crayons

Angela Bright discusses how color impacts a company’s image, identity, and marketing and branding initiatives in Why Color Matters.


Angela Bright discusses how color impacts a company’s image, identity, and marketing and branding initiatives.


A few days ago at work, I stumbled upon something…not on stumble upon. I found it outside of the online world, and inside of my quaint little cubicle. In fact, it was more like a witness to originality, a tasteful display of non-conformism, a subtle expression of individuality. Something that craftily said, “You took a second look at me, didn’t you? I’m not what you expected.”

The object is innocuous,

yet it silently mocks, 

and tactfully internalizes victory.

It won my attention. It stood out from all of the standard Staples supplies, epitomizing differentiation and uniqueness. Not because of its peculiar shape or unobtrusive size, but rather its brilliant color. Glistening…gleaming…gold.

You intrigue me, Gold Paperclip. You’re the color who places others in first, and yet you’re the second—if that—to be placed by others. Races and competitions aside, Silver wins in the corporate world. Silver spiral-bound notebooks, Silver bodies of fancy pens, Silver push-pin tips, Silver computer monitor frames, Silver binder clips, Silver ridges to tear tape, Silver staples and staplers, Silver caps that cradle pencil erasers on traditional No. 2s. Silver swarms my sight. 

Where are you, Gold? Aren’t you number one?

I stare at the pile of papers you crisply clip and catch your glimmering light. You clip with class…elegance…grace. You stand out, you are different, you are unique—but even more so is the one who purchased you. He chose you voluntarily; he sought you from Silver. “Gold,” he thought deliberately, “I want Gold.”

I admire the man or woman who uses gold paperclips. When was the last time you used or saw one? Exactly my point. Your hesitation to recall this time in your life verifies the unlikely probability that this time in your life ever even took place.

Now let me say this. Not only do I want to be the gold paperclip girl—I want to be the ivory resume girl, with a subtle splash of color. I want to stand out and be noticed—recognized as the gold among the silver, if you will.

Admittedly, I’m a detail oriented, Staples office supplies freak. You might say I’d spot a gold paperclip like you’d spot a haystack in a pile of silver paperclips. And in that pile of silver paperclips, I’d see the accidental gold. 

But that’s who I choose to be…which are you?

I believe a gold paperclip says something about you. It says something about us, as individuals…like the way our words, actions, and appearance depict how we “carry” ourselves and influence how we are perceived by others.

The man who used a single gold paperclip stood out from the pile. He didn’t have to compete for my attention because he had it from the start. I gave him my full attention and catered to his inquiry first. In the words of Sophia Petrillo, “A fact, use it as you wish.”

But whether you’re a gold or silver paperclip, we can all agree on this: it pays to be noticed. It helps to differentiate yourself from your competitors and your co-workers. Especially in the corporate world, recognition has its perks.