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Bettering #BettyCrocker today with some clean changes to her #buttermilk #pancake #recipe. #JustBecause breakfast is the best, and I especially love experimenting with pancakes and waffles. Next time you’re in the kitchen, think outside the “just add water” box and try this: beat 1egg; add 1 cup whole wheat flour, 3 tbsp. packed brown sugar, 3 tbsp. baking powder, 1/2 tsp. baking soda, 1 cup light buttermilk. No salt, no vegetable oil. For an extra flavor punch, add some cinnamon and vanilla. I like that too. I definitely think the batter was a good consistency; the baking powder:soda ratio was on point because the pancakes rose higher on the stove and stayed fluffy! Hoping to modify and master this recipe down to a “P.” P for perfect pancakes. You know how I love my alliteration. And maybe next time I’ll add some oats or corn meal. This recipe definitely lends itself to a multi-grain twist. #30JaysOfJune #photoaday #challenge #Day24 (Taken with Instagram)