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B&J's Cookie Dough Ice CreamYes!!! This is what I’m talking about! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Ben and Jerry’s is using the photo-sharing platform Instagram—and “Capture Euphoria” hashtag—to engage brand fans and facilitate B2C interaction.

Great point: “One of the major challenges of social media is getting consumers to be social with a brand, instead of just being social about a brand. ‘Capture Euphoria’ is a great strategic campaign to increase user-generated content…When consumers know a brand will actually engage with them, it creates more of an incentive for them to interact with a brand…” 

Please note that this new #Furby, pictured in a #Walmart #ad, is now #iOS compatible. What the heck do these toys do now?! Can they be controlled by #iPhones?? This is creepy—and perfect for #Halloween. I have to investigate…I’m oddly intrigued. #ilovethe90s

MetroCard with Ad SpaceThis article caught my eye—and truthfully, I have mixed feelings about M.T.A.’s decision. While I do think from a marketing perspective the ad space is quite valuable (and visible), I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the iconic yellow and blue card and M.T.A. logo. I’m not an avid subway rider by any means, but when I do need my card, I know to grab the golden yellow. Ask any local or commuter, and they’ll tell you the same. It’s brand recognition at its finest. We know the card—it’s looked that way since 1997 (The New York Times).

I’ve finally come to understand the basics of NY subway navigation. But those turnstiles still get me every so quite often. I swipe too fast, or I’m $.25 cents short when I think I have enough on my card from my last ride; they sass me to keep swiping at the same entry point or threaten that I’ll lose my money. (Scandal).

Let’s just hope MoMA doesn’t put Starry Nights on the card—for the city’s sake (and sanity). Black stripe aside, surely those tricky turnstiles don’t accept Visas!

MTA Turnstile

In honor of the catchy Mr. Sandman song in the 2012 Kia Optima commercial, I just had to post this Golden Girls clip. Even though I haven’t seen the episode in awhile, any avid GG watcher (myself obviously included) is just waiting for Sophia’s classic one-liner at the end. Enjoy!

This commercial epitomizes my brand loyalty to U by Kotex.