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One of my favorite new brunch entrees, thanks to some outstanding Epicurious reviews: Sausage and Egg Casserole with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Mozzarella. Here’s the recipe, and a few essential tips if you’d like to make it at home: use eight (whole) eggs, two Italian sweet sausages (with fennel), and two hot sausages. Cook it for 30 minutes, then leave the dish in the oven at a low temperature (about 175 degrees). This will keep the casserole nice and warm (without overcooking it!) until ready to serve. Yum. I’d like to welcome you to flavor fest 2012. (Taken with instagram)

And here’s our lovely little Mother’s Day brunch appetizer, courtesy of Cuisine magazine: Roasted Red Potatoes, stuffed with Egg Salad. The key: load up on the Grey Poupon Dijon mustard to give this app the kick that it needs. Don’t skimp out or measure it. A simple here-and-there test for taste will do. Fresh dill is a must-do, too. Go fresh or go home…and by home I mean, take your choice of transportation to the produce aisle nearest you and buy some sensible sprigs. Or maybe ask your neighbors to spare some from their garden. Fresh is always worth the extra effort. (Taken with instagram)

I’m a baller. #success (Taken with instagram)

So serious as I “ball” baby red potatoes for my classy Cuisine appetizer. I love hosting, cooking, prepping, baking, and managing the kitchen. I am the Apron Matron (copyrighting that). And I’m going to be the best mommy and wife ever (#justsayin!) Aka I’m not preggo…or married. That’s my single-mingle, Mother’s Day epiphany. Just go with it. (Taken with instagram)

Mother’s Day Brunch at my house, hosted by me and my cousin, Joanna. We did real good—definitely up to par for the daughters’ first kitchen takeover. Look at that menu and yummy variety! (Taken with instagram)