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Well, I admit. It’s been two Tuesdays since my last #TuesdayTune. Not good! But I can say this: things have been crazy. And I’m going to throw the excuse out there, for the record, that I’m trying to plan, pack and prepare for my exciting EUROPEAN VACATION. I don’t know why I find I need to rationalize and or make an excuse but I will, anyway.

I’m going with my friend Jello from ICFH (Ithaca College Field Hockey)—leaving Thursday, July 26th after work, heading off to Zurich, and returning from Edinburgh to New York on Tuesday, August 7th. Being that I finally get to travel to Europe with a friend, instead of family, I consider it almost like my first time exploring internationally—in Europe at least. And besides, we’ll also be going to three places I’ve never been before!! (One of my vacation requirements). Switzerland—running my first international half-marathon in the Alps of Davos. London—seeing two matches of field hockey at the OLYMPICS!!! Thank you, Twitter. And Scotland—drooling over dreamy accents, biking through the greenery and scenery, and exploring every castle in sight.

Don’t get me wrong, traveling with Ang and Ken has its perks, of course financially, but more importantly for the crazy, ridiculous, Clark Grizwold stories we have to tell upon returning to the States. (And yes I do hold family entertainment at a higher standard than money). But in spite of all that, I’m really really REALLY ready to experience Europe again, with a friend, on my own, while I’m young, while I’m not tied down, and the list goes on. What I can also tell you, is the two mindsets I’ll be living by throughout my trip:

  1. This is a cliche but in all honesty “‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity.”
  2. And in 21st century speak…hashtag #YOLO, baby.

But that’s enough about my incredible trip for now. More updates to come. But for now, enjoy my Tuesday tune by the “bone-shaking baritone,” himself. Mr. Josh Turner. It’s called “Find Me A Baby.” And if this song doesn’t make you clap your hands, sing along, step side-to-side to the rhythm, or move your entire body from left to right while driving (steering the car back and forth across two highway lanes with you) because you’re so into the beat, well then, I’d surely be surprised.

Who wants to go to my second Turner concert with me?

Yea. Let the idea marinate. ;)

Krystina - Atlantic City Half MarathonMy favoritest favorite thing about spring,
Is what the start of the season guarantees to bring.

When the winter chills,
Turn into warm spring thrills,
And the beaming bright sun,
Says it’s time to run!

Hit the streets,
Let your feet grace the road,
Turn up the (Josh) Turner,
Embrace the “Just Do It” mode.

Focus your breathing,
Feel your heart beat,
It’s you and the road,
The road’s yours to defeat.

The breeze keeps you going,
Push yourself to the limit,
Push yourself through the heat.

You’ve made it this far,
Pushed it out every mile,
Your feat is the journey,
And one that’s worthwhile.

Focus your breathing,
Feel your heart beat,
The road is your battle,
Your battle to defeat.

Destination ahead,
Victory in sight,
Run til the end,
This is your fight.

Your Smile. :) Josh Turner owned the circus tonight. Just look at him! What an amazing show in Cohassat, MA. Finally—my first country concert. Shout out to Jen for coming with me! #roadtrip #soworthit