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Big Spoon, Little SpoonAfter reading my former roomie, and ICFH teammate, Meg’s guest post on Brownie’s blog, I was a combination of jealous, inspired and nostalgic. Jealous because I now want guest bloggers of my own, but more so inspired by the idea of having a friend speak for you–not necessarily about you, but for you, and about shared interests. Everyone has such a unique voice; it’s incredible the way a story can translate so differently for each person who tells it, and mean something so different to each one who hears it. And today my hope is that as you read this post, you find your own unique meaning in my message. [CONTINUE READING]

#Week1 of the #50daychallenge completed! I hope you enjoy my improvisational wall of post-it notes @krbrown4. If only I were in the south, I’d have mason jars readily available to me. That’s ok. When it’s time to #splurge, I’ll get my Visa. That’s how we do it in the #northeast. ;) (Taken with instagram)

Me and @krbrown4 are going strong on the #50daychallenge. Even when they upgrade the #froyo machine in my cafeteria at work, brand it with Wicked Spoon’s vibrant, eye-catching colors, and offer an enticing new variety of flavors and toppings. (I’m thankful that cookie dough is not an option). You will not get the best of me you low cal but 18g of sugar per serving Willy Wonka machine. At least not today. ;) (Taken with instagram)

In the words of my grandma, “I tell you the truth.” Peer influence is viral and motivation has the greatest strength in numbers. Translation: if our friends do or try something crazy or new, we’re often encouraged to do the same. So what if we out-talk the walk? Sometimes the hype of the idea in itself is the funnest part. Because even if we don’t act on the thought, it sure can be fun to entertain it for even a fleeting moment.

But today, I’m not just talkin’—I’m walkin’. With Brownie and a few other friends and colleagues (hopefully!) by my side. And unfortunately no; when I say brownie, that doesn’t entail me having chocolatey treats at my disposal all the day long. Though that would be ideal in my delusional, dessert-centric utopia. However, it does entail me having a healthy support system…as I prepare…to embark on…(insert dramatic music)…

Starts May 10th and ends June 29th.

50 Days Post-It

Take $50 ($1 bills) out of your bank account and create two “jars”—one labeled donate and one labeled splurge. At the end of every day, you will either put your dollar in the donate jar or the splurge jar. At the end of the 50 days, whatever money you have in your splurge jar is yours to do with as you please! (lottery tickets, a new bikini, nail polish, etc.) Whatever money is in your donate jar you must donate (church collection box, cancer research, SPCA, etc.).

Grab a buddy and do this together! For each walk/run you do with your buddy (aim for one a week) take a dollar out of the donate jar and put it into splurge. “Support session” walks will be vital!

Daily Check List

  • 70 oz. of water
  • No more than 10g of sugar/serving (fruit, daily piece of dark chocolate and weekly guilt free dessert do not count) (edited to add—it is not a 10g limit per day. It is 10g per food item!)
  • 7+ hours of sleep at least 6 nights a week
  • 4+ servings of vegetables
  • Write down one thing you love about your body

Other Suggestions…

  • Park in the furthest parking spot
  • Stairs over the elevator/escalator
  • Walk instead of calling a co-worker
  • Go for one walk a day—distance and time don’t matter
  • On food days at work pick the healthiest option of bring something healthy to share
On behalf of Brownie and The Little Spoon Blog
Challenge accepted.