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21st century flogger. That's food-blogger, fyi. Now if it were the 17th century...
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  • Me: "Dad, you just don't have a complex enough palette to really appreciate the way I season my cooking. And how could you say you're a 'purist' when it comes to flavor, when you mask naturally good flavor with condiments? Your idea of tunafish is mayonnaise with a little bit of tuna. Or gravy smothered on turkey, ketchup on eggs..."
  • Dad: "Ok, you're right. I like more 'mucky.' But turkey is dry, and I like a lot of ketchup. I can see it on my gravestone now, 'Complex man, with a non-complex palette...'"
  • Me: "Never found 'umami'..."
  • Dad: "Only"
  • Me: (Laughing) "That was great."