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If you’re a popcorn lover like me, I have a tip that will forever change your late night movie snacking experience. Ever get annoyed that half of your kernels don’t pop? Or, after hitting the poorly programmed “popcorn” button, and two “add 30 seconds” later, you burn a black ball of popcorn in the bag? Or even worse, you burn a hole through the bag, and watch as it rips and explodes in your micro? Well I’ve been there before. Too many times. (Sorry @n0silla_, I know you’ve been a victim of my failed popcorn-making attempts). And who needs the extra clean up for what’s supposed to be a simple snack? Here’s the trick: put your popcorn in the freezer until you’re ready to pop it. The result? A whole, non-burnt bag of 98% popped kernels and no messy micro. Now that’s what I call…snack-tisfaction. (Taken with Instagram)

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